Australian Commission on Safety and Quality in Health Care
National Standard for User-applied Labelling of Injectable Medicines Fluids and Lines

The Commission developed the National Standard for User-applied Labelling of Injectable Medicines, Fluids and Lines (the Labelling Standard) for health professionals to communicate safely:

  • The contents of containers and lines used for, and with, injectable medicines and fluids
  • The patients for whom the medicines and fluids are intended.

The Labelling Standard is designed to reduce the risk of patient harm from injectable medicines by helping healthcare professionals identify the correct injectable medicine or fluid (container), route of administration of the injectable medicine (conduit) and patient for whom the medicine is intended.

South Eastern Sydney Local Health District
Labelling of injectable medicines, fluids and lines

This document outlines a local operating procedure for the labeling of injectable medicines, fluids, and lines to prevent errors in administration.

It applies to all inpatient and outpatient services and involves various staff members, including medical officers, nursing staff, and midwifery staff.

The procedure includes guidelines for labeling containers, syringes, lines, catheters, and burettes, using standardized labels color-coded by route of administration.

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