Peripheral Cannulation



  • Size: 150 x 100mm
  • Quantity: 500/ rolll

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    This label text reads:

    RBWH- Peripheral Intravenous Cannulation (Please tick appropriate boxes)

    Clinical need for cannula (state reason below)
    No known allergy to dressings/ skin antiseptic
    Known allergy (state below)
    Correct patient/ verbal consent
    Patient Education given (care of cannula)

    Good access
    Fair access
    Difficult / poor access
    Alternate access recommended
    e.g. PICC (referred to treating team)

    Bundle Insertion:
    Hand Hygiene performed (as per 5 moments)
    Aseptic Non-Touch Technique insertion
    Non Aseptic Insertion e.g. emergent
    Chlorhexidine 2% w Alcohol 70%
    Alcoholic Povidone Iodine (allergy to CHG)
    Alcohol 70% (< 24 hr dwell)
    IV dressing applied (as per policy)

    Insertion Site:
    NO restrictions
    Limb:__________________ Left / Right
    Vein:________________(e.g.: upper / lower cephalic)
    Ante Cubital Fossa (ACF) (state reason below)


    Cannula must not be used for blood sampling
    Print Name:
    PRC 114

    Cannula Gauge:.
    Time: __:__hrs


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